Sunday, July 18, 2010


Watching Sunday Morning on CBS today and two of the stories are sticking with me throughout the day.  One, not surprising or particularly new information that clothing designers for women are altering their clothing lines to trend up in size (the avg. size is now 14), dovetailed into the second, the size of the American woman is now 5'4 and 152 lbs.  In 1960 she was 5'3 and 140.  I can't help but wonder about our food supply in this situation.  I'm sure there is some anthropological consideration in this gain, but it's only been 50 years in our history, not even half of a blink of our existence.  What if, for some of us, we're not necessarily eating what we consider to be not much different than our parents? Is it possible that we are not eating more food, but that the food we are eating is doing much less for us that it used to?  When is it going to get better for us?  WE make food that feeds the entire WORLD, yet we are fatter than many other nations out there.  When are manufacturers going to stop adding unnecessary ingredients into foods that only serve to make money for those producing it?  We get nothing for that extra corn syrup, dairy, and "fillers", that only add calories and health problems to our lives.  If we're forced to eat out of a box or a freezer because our hectic lives demand it, demand higher productivity, demand greater strength and stamina, wouldn't it be great if we didn't have to fight to have the proper fuel to live this life?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

We're back

Wow, what a trip.  I thought I would be able to post from the road, but between kids and activities simply too exhausted to pull it all together at the end of every night.  In a nutshell, we all made the trip without sunburn or any stomach issues.  A plus on all fronts.  Since this blog is mostly about food and feeling good about it I'll keep this post to how we ate on the road.  First, the kids and I never ate from a fast food restaurant.  Steve had a burger from Wendy's after running Rim to Rim to Rim through the Grand Canyon in 100-120 degree heat--don't ask--he's alive and made it, but his body was pretty fouled up for a couple of days after.  I also managed to keep gluten out of my meals almost the entire time--for Steve and the kids it didn't take, hopefully we'll have more success here at home.  I have to say, the no gluten thing really helped keep me from ever feeling bloated or blocked up.  Typically, when I travel, my system gets kind of whacked out, this time, though, nice and relaxed the whole time. 

So, what did we eat?  Oatmeal, breakfast meats, fruit, protein bars, were typical morning meals.  Lunch for the kids would be sandwiches from supermarket delis, I'd typically do a salad and dinner was the easiest.  Just ignore the bread and have rice or potatos.  We managed fairly well on the french fry front as well.  The kids were able to get carrot sticks or applesauce or were content to share a regular entree from the main menu.

Mainstream grocery stores have a fairly decent stock now of "alternative" foods.  Most Raley's chains have a decent size "natural foods"  and gluten free section.  Safeway is the least stocked, independent stores seem to do pretty well, though.  The general store in the Grand Canyon was a good resource and we stopped at the Whole Foods in Las Vegas and in Laguna Beach for supplies.  We had a good size cooler on hand.

We found some great new products to enjoy.  "Chia Goodness" was a wonderful replacement to granola on yogurt or mixed in oatmeal.  It was in the gluten free section of the Whole Foods in Laguna and I will be lobbying for it here at our store in Corte Madera.  Chia is fast becoming a go to protein/carbohydrate source for modern athletes and has been THE go to meal for Mexican/Indian/Aztec cultures for centuries.  Google "chia seeds" and check it out for yourself.  We are definitely adding it as a staple to our diet.

Steve also came across Udo's Oil at the Western States and started taking it.  After about a week on it, the skin problems he was having on his feet with blisters cleared up.  We've seen it now at every Whole Foods, they even have a chocolate bar with the oil in it that tastes excellent and gets you the serving you need every day.  We'll start the family on it as well.