Friday, November 19, 2010

Winter is HERE

It's been a while--I hope everyone's start of school went somewhat smoothly.  Some things I'd like to share about keeping the kids armored (and yourself) for the upcoming holiday binge.  I've been dosing the kids every day with Good Belly probiotics, vitamin D, Nordic Naturals 3 6 9, a nice plate of fresh fruit, a bowl of oatmeal/breakfast meat/toast with peanut butter or cream cheese/hard boiled or scrambled egg/french toast every morning.  A bowl of commercial boxed cereal gets in there every once in a while (ALWAYS ORGANIC!) but I treat it as a side dish not as an actual breakfast.  I try to mix the beneficial in with the not so beneficial to keep things realistic. See the links to the side for my rationale on this.  I've joined Foursquare and I'm going to start Tweeting and posting on Facebook info from where I'm shopping to let you know about new products I'm checking out and conversations I'm having with vendors so feel free to follow along--I'm @100mileradius on Twitter and I'll hopefully get this social networking thing somewhat nailed down so it's helpful for everyone.  Have a great weekend!