Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Start of Something

Here I go.  Friends of mine know that I have been talking about this business idea for a while.  It came from the frustration I face every day about food choices I make, am forced to make, am too tired to make.  I feel I should have the choice to be healthy simply by eating the foods around me.  I shouldn't have to take supplements, pills, or dietary additives that will make my fat disappear, make my skin clear up, or calm the jitters and headaches because I've consumed too much or not enough of something.

I would love to walk into a store or restaurant where the ONLY choice I had was to eat well.  I realize that means different things to different people.  We all can't eat the same things with the same success as others. Age, genetics, blood type, metabolisms, are all things that have to be taken into consideration in order to live successfully.  Many times, foods our grandparents ate are the ones we find ourselves going back to with the most success.  Not always, but most times.

This blog will chronicle the life and food of the Crane family in California. None of what I post can be taken for medical fact unless I happen to reference it appropriately.  I am not a trained dietitian, medical doctor, or physical therapist.  I cook a lot, read a lot about food, use homeopathic medicine a lot.  These practices have kept our family generally free from illness for the last 2 years.  We get a little sick, we get better.  The children have only had to go to the doctor for vaccinations or annual exams, and neither my husband or myself got sick this last winter with anything more than a cold. 

I hope what I have to say helps you and your family...

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