Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lulu Kebab with Artichokes

Lulu Kebab is a Middle Eastern dish.  Sometimes they are molded on a shish (skewer) and sometimes they are just hand formed and baked--like these are.  These are very tender and flavorful, everyone eats too many since they taste so good.  You can also do this with 2 lbs. of ground lamb instead of mixing the beef and the lamb.

I also found "frost kissed" artichokes at the Full Belly stand and they tasted wonderful.  A nice springtime treat in the heart of winter.  I steamed them for about the same time the meat cooked so everything came out at the same time.

Lulu Kebab:

1 lb. grass fed beef (Prather Ranch)
1 lb. grass fed lamb (Prather Ranch)
1 Tbsp. organic tomato paste
4 oz. organic tomato sauce (read the label and look for sugar)
1/4 c. organic coconut milk (from the can)
1 tsp. cumin
1/4 c. minced parsley
1 T. minced dried onion
Salt and pepper

Garnish:  1 c. fresh minced onions 1/2 c. minced parsley

Mix together all ingredients except garnish.  Moisten hands with cold water and form into sausage shapes about 4" inches long and 1" diameter.  Place kebabs in shallow baking dish at 400 for 20 minutes, turn the sausage and cook for another 10 min.  Transfer kebabs to platter and garnish.

Steamed Artichokes:

Cut the stem down to the base of the artichoke.  Cut the top third off the artichoke and snap off the outer and bottom leaves of it as well.  Place in a steamer basket with the bottom facing up.  Steam for about 20 min and test doneness by pulling on an outer leaf.  If it comes off easily you're all done.  Take them out of the steamer and let cool a bit.   Don't leave them over the water or they will overcook.  If the leaf is still a bit resistant, let it go for another 5-10 min and re-test.  We served ours with drawn butter.

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