Sunday, May 13, 2012

Another Liver Conversation

This morning Steve and I are talking about the liver dish and all the stuff that goes with it and Sophia walks into the kitchen and listens to what we are saying.  She then declares:  "Liver and onions?!  That's disgusting.   I'd NEVER eat that, that's just bleccch." 
Steve and I just look at her, "So, you'd never eat that, huh?"
"No, it's gross!"
"Okay, then."
Should I feel a little guilty about not letting her know that the "special steak" she had seconds on the other night was exactly that?  I don't know, we probably will at some point.  The whole scene just reminded me of exactly how strong the perceptions of reality we all live in are really not all that concrete.  There are so many things I was sure I would never do in my life and yet, all the impossible things are not so improbable any more to me.

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  1. I have to say the thing i hate about liver is the texture not the taste. I love pate and chopped liver for instance - same thing when i was a kid.