Thursday, November 17, 2011

That Chicken Fried Rice I Mentioned

Whenever we have leftover rice/chicken/veggies we like to make a fried rice dish to serve either at breakfast or pack it up to send the kids off to school with.  I used the leftover chicken filling from the Chinese Chicken Parcels.  I knew the patties would break up, so I cooked off some brown rice from Massa Organics with the chicken stock before we went to bed.  In the morning (Steve actually pulled this together), get a large skillet or wok and heat up some sunflower oil (or really nice organic butter) and scramble the egg very loosely.  When that sets up add a little more oil and throw in the cooked rice coating everything.  Add any extra veggie(s) you have--I used some cooked peas--and the chicken.  Heat until everything is nice and hot.  Serve it for breakfast with some Bragg's Liquid Aminos or some Sriracha if you really want to clear the path for the day.

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